“They thought they were woke…until they woke up in each other’s bodies.”

Chye-Ling Huang, Cole Jenkins and Ruby Reihana Wilson

Chye-Ling Huang, Cole Jenkins and Ruby Reihana Wilson

Congratulations to Chye-Ling Huang and Cole Jenkins, who are part of a series of new funded shows that push the boundaries of storytelling in 2019. Life is Easy, written by the pair, will feature an inclusive cast and crew of POC and diverse sexualities.

The media release from funding body NZ On Air released the good news this week, saying:

Life Is Easy, comes from the TVNZ New Blood initiative to support new storytellers. This body-swap comedy/drama series explores ideas of race, privilege and sexuality and is aimed at millennials. The lead characters are an Asian female and a gay male, bringing more diversity to our screens.

Writers Cole Jenkins and Chye-Ling Huang say they created the work to talk about race, sexuality and gender in a light hearted way. “In a nutshell, she’s Chinese, straight and female; he’s white, gay and male. Though they always thought they shared everything, their ideas about race, privilege and sexuality are challenged as they find themselves living each other’s lives with no way to escape.”

8 x 15minute episodes are expected to come out in late 2019.

Read the full release here!