A collection of Proudly Asian Theatre's productions - past and present.  


Call of the Sparrows

by Proudly Asian Theatre

In a tiny mountain village beyond the reach of clouds, gossip is the currency and tradition is everything.

Little Sparrow arrives to find a world driven by superstition and dark histories. To survive crooked peddlers, invisible spirits and a mother-in-law with a hidden agenda, she’s got to learn to fly with the flock.


by Renee Liang

Chinese New Year is the time to get together as a family, settle old scores and wipe the slates clean. But this year, for the Chens, there’s one thing missing… 


by David Henry Hwang

When a mysterious traveller calling himself Steve arrives at Grace and Dale’s family restaurant, everything the cousins know about themselves is called into question: Is what they have built for themselves more important than where they have come from?