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Fresh off the Page Home


Fresh off the Page Home

Fresh off the Page


Fresh off the Page is a series of monthly playreadings hosted by PAT and performed at The Basement theatre. Featuring Asian casts, directors and playwrights from around the world, we bring you the freshest contemporary scripts and the hottest new talent - all for FREE!

This month we're excited to being you Ahi Karunaharan's first ever play:

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We are proud to be supported by Unitec, The Basement, Q Theatre, Creative Communities Scheme, albert-eden local community board and The Asia NZ Foundation.




PAT presents, as part of the Q Theatre Matchbox programme, our steamy new show:


By Chye-Ling Huang

Shortlisted for the Adam Play Award 2018,

winner of the Asian Ink workshop 2017

 Image: Sacha Stejko  Design: Lindsay Yee

Image: Sacha Stejko

Design: Lindsay Yee


What do Jackie Chan, Steven Yuen, and Raybon Kan have in common? 
They’re all on Mei’s list of eligible men to tap, gap, or tie down.

A hot mess of sexual stereotypes, no Asian man is left un-turned in Mei’s quest to root herself back to her roots. When a shock event leaves her questioning everything about love, Chinese-Pakeha Mei dives ferociously back into the dating game. A film star from Singapore, an Indian Taika Waititi and the Asian answer to Channing Tatum lift the sheets on how sex and race collide in little old New Zealand, where Asianess is both fetishized and feared.

An ensemble of the sexiest storytellers from the Asian diaspora play out your wildest dreams and cringiest tropes as Mei uncovers that love is simple but race is not.

Gird your loins. It's going to get messy. 


Tickets are now LIVE!

Q Loft

September 5th - 15th





Thanks to Creative New ZealandFoundation NorthUnitec and the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust Fund.





Thanks to everyone who made it along to:


Written by Oliver Chong

Winner of Best Design at the Auckland Fringe Awards 2018 and presented as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival and the Auckland Lantern Festival!

    Photo: Julie Zhu Photography   


Photo: Julie Zhu Photography


"Human being make mistakes. Our ancestors are human, too."

One of Singapore's most beloved solo shows, Roots is one woman’s quest to find her familial identity in the cultural confusion of Singapore. With parallels to New Zealand's youthful cultural identity, Roots is a universal story of the surprises and hardships in discovering who you are and what you're made of.

Presented in two venues, Uxbridge Arts Centre in Howick and Q Theatre in central city, winning Best Design (Fringe Awards) for its set of 125kgs of rice strewn across the stage and cymbals, with sprinkled rice and clanging gongs creating an analog soundscape. Roots was performed in both English and Mandarin for its New Zealand premier, with surtitles projected in both Mandarin and English.

With big thanks to The Finger Players, Oliver Chong and Natalie Chai.


Starring Amanda Grace Leo | Directed by Chye-Ling Huang

Produced by Julie Zhu | Sound design by Tom Dennison | Stage manager/operator/Chinese marketing by Helen Wu | Assistant Stage Manager: Nahyeon Lee | Poster design by Lindsay Yee | Poster image by Andi Crown 


 Photo: Andi Crown photography

Photo: Andi Crown photography

Proudly Asian Theatre为您带来,


编剧:  钟达成




来到中国,Amanda 决心要甩掉她”文化孤儿”的标签。但她在这儿的根与许多秘密缠绕在一起-究竟谁和哪儿才是真正的家乡?




主演: Amanda Grace Leo 梁宿娴

导演:Chye-Ling Huang 黄采婈


Uxbridge Arts Centre, Howick

2月23- 24日

Loft @ Q Theatre, 305 Queen St






Asian Men Talk About Sex

PAT's venture into film began with the no-holds-barred 3 minute Loading Docs documentary, Asian Men Talk About Sex.

Whether it be the nerdy best friend, silent kung-fu master or the tech wiz of the office, Asian men are desexualized at every turn - it's rare to see Asian men on screen just being themselves, let alone as sexual beings. We interviewed 8 Asian men of different ethnicities, ages and orientations to challenge stereotypes and lift the lid on taboos.

Test footage.00_24_01_03.Still002.png

Funny, surprising, intimate and wild - much like sex - these are their candid experiences, perspectives and stories on sex, love and dating.

A huge thanks to all our supporters on boosted, and the talented team behind the film, and especially to our incredible talent!

Let's start talking.

 Ruby, Chye-Ling, Kelly and Calvin at the premier of AMTAS

Ruby, Chye-Ling, Kelly and Calvin at the premier of AMTAS



Check out the interview with director Chye-Ling Huang on VICE here


made with Eyes and Ears and loading docs

with support from BOOsted and Unitec.

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The Han Chronicles

The Han Chronicles

The Han Chronicles

A Samoan prince, an Irish girl with a fiery temper and an unsuspecting duck play a part in the true stories of a young Chinese immigrant landing in New Zealand in the 70's. 

Cover TVNZ Han Chronicles.jpg

The Han Chronicles tells the true story of Han Huang, Chye-Ling Huang's (PAT co-founder) Chinese Dad. Created & screenplay by Chye-Ling Huang, narrated by Han Huang, produced by TVNZ and directed by Calvin Sang, these short webisodes are a cheeky, 70's twist on the Asian New Zealand immigrant story.

Watch young Han Huang navigate his way through romance, bromance and...ducks? 


Watch Episode One, 'Duck' now:




Watch Episode Two, "Glenda", now:




Made with TVNZ as part of the 'new blood' initiative.

Special thanks to Han huang and the fahey family.






About PAT

About PAT

About PAT

Proudly Asian Theatre is an Auckland based theatre company dedicated giving a voice to Asian talent in New Zealand theatre and film. 

Founded in 2013 by Chye-Ling Huang and James Roque, PAT's aim is to discover and support Asian New Zealanders to tell their stories in theatre and film and to inspire the growth of diverse new contemporary works in the New Zealand theatrical landscape.


In 2013, PAT presented the first New Zealand production of David Henry Hwang's Obie Award winning play FOB at The Basement. The following year PAT produced a sold-out, extra show added season of Renee Liang's Lantern at The Musgrove as part of the 2014 Auckland Lantern Festival. Later in the year, they took home four awards including Best Independent Theatre Company and Best Director at the 2014 Short+Sweet Festival for their short original piece Call of the Sparrows.

In 2016, PAT debuted a full length version of their award winning short with support from Auckland Live and UNITEC and funding from Creative New Zealand and Foundation North. 2017 saw the launch of event 'Fresh off the Page', monthly playreads for the public featuring Asian actors, directors and scripts from NZ and around the world. 

PAT's projects also expanded to film with Asian Men Talk About Sex, a 3 minute documentary made as part of the Loading Docs platform, which won best webseries at the NZ TV awards. The Han Chronicles,a two episode webseries pilot, was made under TVNZ, telling the true story of a Chinese immigrant in love in 70's New Zealand. 

PAT's Fringe show for 2018 'Roots' won Best Set Design (credit The Finger Players and Tom Dennison) and their next original show, Orientation, is set for September 2018.


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PAT is committed to supporting the Asian storytellers of Aotearoa; get in touch if you're interested in supporting us or being involved!