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Presented by Q Theatre and Proudly Asian Theatre as part of MATCHBOX 2018

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What do Jackie Chan, Steven Yuen, and Raybon Kan have in common? 

They’re all on Mei’s list of eligible men to tap, gap, or tie down.

A hot mess of sexual stereotypes, no Asian man is left un-turned in Mei’s quest to root herself back to her roots. When a shock event leaves her questioning everything about love, Chinese-Pakeha Mei dives ferociously back into the dating game. A film star from Singapore, an Indian Taika Waititi and the Asian answer to Channing Tatum lift the sheets on how sex and race collide in little old New Zealand, where Asianess is both fetishized and feared.

Written as a response to dating, love and sex as a Chinese Kiwi, Chye-Ling Huang's script was nominated for the Adam play award (Playmarket) in 2018 and won the Asian Ink workshop for 2017. 

Huang on the set of the promo trailer for Orientation

Huang on the set of the promo trailer for Orientation

"As a Kiwi-Asian I've experienced a lot of racial bias in the dating world - from the inside and out," says Huang. "I'm excited to be writing flawed characters who are trying to find love in the messy, human way we all do, making mistakes and pushing things way too far. Race cannot be separated from any experience I've had, and dating and love and sex is something that can be heavily influenced by race in ways we don't realize."

Tickets are on sale next month.

Thanks to Creative New ZealandFoundation NorthUnitec and the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust Fund.