"Who the F*** knows how to get it right?"

Q Theatre brings you a podcast series called Meet the Makers - where interviewers get inside the minds of the Matchbox creatives for 2018. Playwrights, actors and directors get into the gnarly questions about what drives their work.

Have a listen here to Chye-Ling Huang, director and writer of Orientation, chatting to Saraid De Silva about sex, love, and relationships, and how they intrinsically intersect with race and identity.

Photo: Nahyeon Lee

Photo: Nahyeon Lee

"Nobody is the wokefied paragon of sex and race and dating. So, I hope that people don't feel intimidated by the work, because they'll see very clearly and very quickly that the people of colour are super flawed in this discussion as well."

Catch Orientation from September 5th at Q Loft! Tickets available here