Lucas Haugh and Marianne Infante in PINAY

Lucas Haugh and Marianne Infante in PINAY

Week two of PINAY by Marianne Infante has seen a sell-out season, standing ovations and sparkling reviews!

Check out some of them below:


“Sitting in the Basement Theatre I felt a part of something bigger than just this play, or this story, because in that moment we all took part in a new chapter of our theatre history. In the fight to have inclusive stories heard I encourage you to get yourself along to this play, and even if you can’t feel the gravity of this milestone, then you’ll still be welcomed in and wrapped in the same warmth, acceptance, and celebration that I was on opening night. Plus it’s an incredibly charming, funny piece of theatre, held up by some vibrant acting.”

The Speakeasy

“PINAY is full of joy and had the audience roaring with laughter from the get go. It expertly manoeuvres between comedy and moments of deep emotion, keeping the audience vacillating between laughter and tears. Intelligently staged and brilliantly acted, PINAY is a story brimming with love, and a vitally important and historic piece of New Zealand theatre.”

The Herald

"However, the story - like every story - is different. The strength of the show is not just in the excellent cast, the strong production value or the evocative writing but also in the cumulative effect of the rich and nuanced specificity of Filipino culture."

Oscen Magazine

"Unlike assimilation where one blends in at the expense of one’s inner essence, PINAY pursues an ideal of being ‘100%’ Filipino and New Zealander, all at once. While respecting and upholding ancestral Filipino origins, it honours the land of Aotearoa, strengthening bonds and paying homage to its Māori roots."